Dacia Indig and Loring Jones

   Marcelo Loring Jones 
born March 28, 2006

 Nadia Indigo Jones
born Feb 5, 2008

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   Marcelo Loring Jones 
       born March 28, 2006
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Their wedding took place November 23, 2003
on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay

Photographed by
Aicha Nystrom Photography

Dacia and Loring's Wedding Cake came from
The Virginia Bakery in Berkeley

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Some fun photos of Dacia and Loring in times past

See some photos of them scouting
out the wedding site on Treasure Island

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Aerial Views of Treasure Island showing
how to find Chapel and Reception Site

And, their dog Kaya
and their longtime cat Loco (RIP)

Below is the beautiful invitation designed
by David Lance Goines for Dacia and Loring

Visit www.goines.net to see more of
David Lance Goines' art work.